Help to choose the right product

Sorry if this email disturbs you, and sorry for my typos.

Me, KoolJ, from Hanoi, Vietnam, and I want you to help me to choose the right product and to purchase it online. Thank you.

We have a home and small studio recording, for some small friends hobbies of recording songs and mixing song. All we have a 1.5m2 -2.5m-high-room and for tools are going to be 01 Neumann tlm 103 mic, agk perception instrumental mic, a Ni AK 6 sound card, and a computer Core I 7, 8gb ramc, we are willing to just start the recording career like this.

I think we will have some tasks like: a single vocalist to record, or single with an instrument dual with to record, or a group of 2 or three some for duet recording. We also have to mix after recording, and creating some kinds of beat tasks.

So, with that recording environment and recording tasks like that, how would you suggest us the right product to develop?
I am aiming to Cubase Element 6. And I want to purchase it online from Vietnam, I just imagine that after ordering it, I can download it and have the activation code for using.

Another concern, where I can get the course for learning to use this product on right ways?
Thank you, and looking forward to hearing from you.

No need for posting the same story in several places here. I replied to your topic in welcome to Steinberg, that’s the right place for your question.