Help to make a macro work on Cubase 9

I just installed cubase 9 pro (from 7.5) and unfortunately I noticed a macro of mine isn’t working anymore…

Macro description: Delete all Keyswitches Under Selection (when in the key editor window)

Transport - Play from Selection Start
Edit - Select None
Transport - Stop
Transport - Nudge +1 Frame
Edit - Select Under Cursor
Process Logical Preset - Delete Selected Keyswitches
(this one deletes all selected notes from C0 to B0)

The first thing I notice is that Play from Selection Start and Stop are not properly working in series.


What is the result when you trigger this Macro?

It deletes all keyswitches under the selected note. I can make a video of the macro in action (in cubase 7.5) if you want.


I mean what happens in Cubase 9, what is wrong?

The cursor doesn’t change position like it should.

Could your make the video, please?

You could try inserting a simple open transport panel and close again.
Greg Ondo does that in some of his videos, when there are timing problems (commands getting ignored)

I do “Save” function as idle. :wink:

Thaaaaaank you!