Help total noob question?

I have Cubase 5 on my PC, and a focusrite Saffire 6 soundcard. I’ve installed the driver disc for the soundcard and all appears to be working fine…i’m getting sounds when I play my Itunes, youtube vids, plug my guitar into the soundcard etc…so I have sound working. In Cubase 5 I’ve gone to devices > setup and from what i’ve learned I’m supposed to select my device from the list of available options…and here is were I find a problem! My soundcard isnt listed in there at all, what is and currently selected is Direct X Full Duplex. If I play my guitar into my soundcard in Cubase I’m getting a level…so its obviously getting a signal…but from the wrong driver? I cant select direct monitoring etc because somehow Cubase isnt seeing my soundcard. Well er actually it is cos in the in/outs its there! I’m confused why Cubase doesnt seem to see my card in the devices. Why not? I’ve uninstalled the driver for my soundcard and reinstalled it n everytime i look in Cubase its not listed?

Anyone any idea what I’m doing wrong or how to rectify this problem? I already know I’ve got a HUGE learning curve ahead of me learning Cubase (coming in as a total noob here to recording). So getting stuck on the start blocks isnt a happy place to be. :cry:

Did you install the ASIO drivers for the Saffire?

You may want to go to their website to see if you have the latest drivers.

Thanks tried that…didnt work…so deleted drivers n tried again and bingo! :sunglasses: So…now for the huge learning curve ahead… :open_mouth: