Help tracking down a bug associated with IParamValueQueue

I’m seeing a bug manifesting itself in IParamValueQueue, but I don’t know where to look to find the root of the problem.

I have a VST3 plugin and in my plugin controller I have binded some CCs to parameters via the getMidiControllerAssignment method.

If a MIDI Controller sends a CC with a value of 127 followed directly with a value 0 (no delay between the values), the IParamValueQueue will correctly show two automation points, but both points will have a value of 0.

If I record the MIDI from the controller to a MIDI track and route the MIDI track to my plugin, then there are no issues. Also, if there is any amount of delay between the two CC values (such that they arrive in different process calls), the issue also goes away.

I tested in Cubase and Cantabile, and the results are the same. Where would I look to find this bug?