Help !!! Transferring Cubase from PC to iMac

I originally purchased a hard copy of Cubase 4 a number of years ago and updated to Cubase 6 a few years later via download from Steinberg.

Now that I’m transferring from PC to iMac, I tried just putting the original Cubase 4 disk into the iMac but it says I need OS X 10.4 or above. As I’m running Yosemite, I’ve no idea how I’m going to install Cubase on the iMac. Furthermore, how do I get my Cubase 6 installed as there is no disk as I downloaded directly from Steinberg.

Any help would be appreciated



I am able to launch C6 but I don’t know if you will run into problems with it. There are threads about intalling on Yosemite, a forum search will lead you to them.

It’s not necessary to install C4.

If you didn’t backup your install .dmg files you’ll have to make a support request in your Steinberg account.

Many thanks Steve. Greatly appreciated. I didn’t make a backup install although I continue to operate C6 on the PC until I get the iMac up and running.

Yosemite is 64 bit osx, Cubase 4 is 32 application automate software will not install it, you have to do manual install, I am using Cubase 5.5.3 on Yosemite, only problem I get 32 bit plugins gui are responding in latency, and if you have 32 bit hardware such a ssl duende don’t work, I have to work on native. Plugin frost is a big problem, but Cubase runs with out problem.