Help transferring wavs for use in ProTools


We have some songs recorded in Mac ProTools and they have given us the folders with all the wavs in them for our PC… no projects etc, just all the wavs… kick,gtr,OH1,OH2, etc.

We are adding tracks to each song using Elem 9.20 and all is fine except…

I have noticed that when we do a new track say Vox back1, we get a few wav files same name+.

When I take the folders and the wavs back to the Mac Pro Tools studio, I only want 1 track of Vox back1 liek I have 1 track of everything else.

How do I get this ? Do I record the whole track start to finish no matter how much I record in it,
or can I just record bits and pieces in the track and it will save the whole thing so it will place itself correctly on Pro Tools?

My concern is also whether I can splice the track and it still show as a wav taking up the full track?

Hope I have explained myself okay. If please tell me…


To create wav files for ProTools I think the easiest way is to export each track. Don’t know how this is achieved in Cubase Elements but in Cubase Pro you set left and right locator and then make a Batch export from the export window, to another folder that you create and name yourself. This way you don’t have to think about what’s in your audio folder.
It’s a good standard procedure to place the left locator where you and the ProTools operator have agreed, that is, where the project starts. If done correctly there will be no sync problems when imported into ProTools. And remember to zip the whole exported folder before sending it to the ProTools computer, this ‘prevents’ the files from being damaged (in which case the zip won’t open).

Many thanks Marshal appreciate your time and your help. Yes I found out about the batch option on a YT clip.

Great feature, but I have Cubase Elements 9 and that feature is only available in Cubase Pro.

So looks likes I am back to exporting track by track unless anyone else can throw me a lifeline.

I only hope that by doing this the clips and gaps between the clips stay in place otherwise I am up the river.

I did see this in my search for a better way, but not sure if it is what will work for me… Seems a good feature anyway for other times…

EDIT: Looks like I can’t even export track by track in Elements. Only a full session mix.

EDIT: Seems like AAT will not export projects to PT from Cubase but will from most other DAWs

Surely there is some way to do this!

In case others are looking for this …

Well it looks like one can export track by track in Elements 9 by using the Solo button on the track you need, then Export it.

It saves the wav file track with all clips and gaps where they are supposed to be. So glad this is the case. :slight_smile:

Only thing is this…

One has to be sure that every track starts (even if silence) at 00.00 so when they are imported into any other DAW they all start there too. If not, the tracks will end up all over the timeline.