HELP: Trying to get rid of Performer Echo

Trying to do a test session RIGHT NOW with a drummer (multi mic setup).

We used the id share login to connect.
Right away, before we attempted to do anything else, we noticed that everything he said was repeating about a half second later. This is before we even attempted to setup his drum mics to channels. We’ve spent the last 90 minutes trying to track it down.
Any suggestions?

how are you monitoring - you MUST set all channel monitors off…it’s not like a normal recording session.

(all input monitors OFF)

Monitoring is done via that plugin in the control room…and controlled via the VST connect PRO app

Thanks! I turned all of the Nuendo monitor sources off and the echo stopped. Good to know. I could not find that in the manual. Can you tell me what the symbol is for the button next to the mute button on the top of each channel. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to do.

can you post a pic (phone pic is fine )

(told you there was a learning curve !)

The button on the left just below the stereo 1-2 readout. What happened to just putting your cursor over something and it would tell you what it is?

insert bypass…

Now, I can’t get the track to play out to the performer. VST Connect is not one of the OUTPUT SELECTIONS for any of my files. Routing them to the stereo main out only lets me hear them, not the drummer.

Where do I route the output of the track?

via the control room - it’s inserted a plugin via a cue channel, so you can either set up a cue mix or set that cue mix to the ‘main mix’

Well, that was a total waste of 2 hrs! I never got the source track to play through to the drummer! :angry: WORST GUI EVER!

I’ve said this before but bear with it - there is a learning curve. When you get your head around it it’s pretty straightforward

Do you normally use the control room ?
do you ever use ‘cue sends’ for your performers/artists ?

If I track IN HOUSE, I use the aux busses from my desk to the performers. NO LATENCY at all that way. I didn’t like using the cue sends in Nuendo because of the latency. Obviously, they’ve fixed that issue since I last tried it ( that was probably version 3). But before now, I never had a reason to try.

I tried every routing scheme available to send the source track out to the cue sends. Some gave me sound on my end, others did not. But I never got the sound to go to my performer. So we just gave up and determined to try again at a later date.

when you ‘create vst connect’ in the cloud menu it adds a cue channel and drops a plugin in the control insert point for that channel.

That means anything you send to that cue goes to the performer

don’t give up - you’re not far off :slight_smile:

You should read this thoroughly:

true - but sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know so it’s worth jumping in the deep end - after that the documentation makes more sense

Here’s the setup. Where should I have routed the source track?

that looks good

Look at the control room window - there is a CUE SEND set up this is what goes to your performer (assuming the plugin is inserted properly - let’s assume it is)

Currently you have it set to CUES (the blue button) - which means you need to set up a cue mix in the mixer. The cues are actually hidden in your mixer and there are quick ways to set them up …

BUT…let’s not worry about that at the moment …set that cue send to “MIX” (the button next to the blue cue button)

This sends the main mix out of that cue (aux send!) - which goes to the performer app because of the plugin that is inserted on that cue channel

press play and the performer gets the main mix

does that make any sense ?

(edit - my guess is you were very nearly there - it’s always the little details that can ruin a session)

Okay, I’m back on LAN connection test. I set the cue send to MIX, as instructed. I can clearly see on the Master and Studio tracks of the Performer app playing the song. But I still can’t hear it. :frowning_face:

Here’s the VST Pro Side playing the song.

Here’s the VST Performer Side “Listening” to the playback.

edit - you 've just added pictures

looks good - so what are you audio settings on the performer ?