help! Unable to recall Plugin Presets under 10.8

So far so good with the upgrade to 10.8 now that it’s been given the all clear by Steinberg. However, I am unable to recall my saved plugin settings with wav files I worked on under Lion 10.7.4.

Any ideas?

Thanks - Drew

According to the selected option, they are stored in the same folder as your wave files, else in a temporary folder.
I’m afraid the later is true for you and the folder was erased when upgrading to Mountain Lion? Or maybe you can find the files again. Look for files with the .vs extension. If you find them, relocated them near your audio files.

Thanks PG, I was able to locate the .vs files in my 10.7.4 Lion backup and just park them in the 10.8 Mountain Lion caches folder. Everything is now working perfectly.

Many thanks - Drew