Help understanding latency and recording delay

I am having an issue where everything I record is 117 samples late, (if I loop back my click track from my out to my in and record it) I recently had a crash and lost all my prefs and recordings I’ve done since then have always had timing issues.

I thought this was something that cubase compensated for? I believe I have resolved it by adding 117 samples to record shift under adjust for record latency (which seems to not have an affect on or off)

Again I simply don’t understand the error and why it has sprung up so any thoughts to help me troubleshoot would be appreciated.

Could you describe your symptoms more, like what problems are you having?

The events you record don’t sit right where they should?

You can’t track because of too much latency?

The timing doesn’t sound right?

There are slight timing issues especially dealing with different midi interfaces and soft synths but they for the most part don’t cause any problems. It’s only when you’re dealing with content that is perhaps percussive and very fast where you can detect timing issues.

Sorry, I’ve been having issues of recordings being slightly late, tracking some drums and the playback was always and consistently behind. I am tracking through an o2r96 routed to an RME raydat. I am using m-tron softsynth and uad2 plugs on the current song, up it the issue exists across all songs I’ve recorded since having a bluescreen(which reset all my Cubase settings)

Am I correct to expect that if I loop the output of my audio card to the input and hit record they should be sample accurate? Furthermore that cubase is doing the correction (as I do understand it’s impossible for their to be zero latency from the out to the in)

Is there something I could be doing wrong in the RME mixer interface to cause a delay? I’ve been recording with cubase for years and haven’t ever had this type of issue with latency(or have had to use the record shift setting.

That card has a point 7 ms buffer setting, are you able to run that?

Zero latency is kind of a marketing term when an interface has live (with DSP) monitoring of your input without going through the computer. I turn that off on my interface so I can hear the amp sim on the channel etc.
Although lately I’ve been tracking my own vocals with my interfaces reverb that works well.

Lot of reading out there about it…

I am running at the 0.7 setting but continue to have a delay from out to in of 117 samples