Help: upgrade from Cubase Groove agent 1 to 3?

Guys, can anyone lend a hand please–I am a Cubase 5 user, including Groove Agent 1, and I bought the upgrade to Groove Agent 3. The installation won’t work; the installer is looking for an independent installation of Groove Agent 1.

I am having the most miserable and amateurish experience with Yamaha support; apparently after a week they still don’t understand the difference between full version and upgrade. Is this possible? It certainly should be, based on the online store language and how Cubase 5/GA 3 are marketed.

thanks much, Justin


Do you have Groove agent 1 ? Or are you trying to upgrade from the included Groove Agent One that is part of Cubase 5 ?

Please understand that it is not possible to upgrade from Groove Agent One to Groove Agent 3. In this case I would suggest to contact the store and try to give it back.



Thanks very much Chris.

I have Groove Agent 2 and have been told there is no upgrade path to GA3 (the upgrade has been discontinued). They want me to pay full price after already paying full price for GA2? They won’t even give me an explanation. Anyone else have this prob? :imp:

Why should they…? Apart from that “the upgrade has been discontinued” seems like sufficient expalnation to me. No one forces you to buy anything

Probably anoyne who wants to upgrade to GA 3.
And btw. you´re in the wrong forum…