Help- upgrade from Elements 10.5 to Artist

I’m about to upgrade from Elements 10.5 to Artist. I’ve bought the USB e-licencer already, but for the download (which I think I do from the Download Assistant??) Do I choose Full Cubase Artist 10.5 or one of the updates?
Looking at the forum there can be hurdles when doing the upgrade, with licence numbers etc ?? so any tips very gratefully received.

Thank you for any advice!

Yes, choose Full Cubase Artist 10.5.

Thank you for confirming!

Hello my friend
I have a new registration Cubac elemnt 10.50 and I would like to help in order to download the program to my i mac device. Can you guide me since I purchased the license from Thomann website and they just sent the license and the usb only

Download and install Steinberg Download Assistant (click). Run Steinberg Download Assistant and download the full installer for your version of Cubase. Run that full installer and install everything. Run eLicenser Control Center, which will have been installed for you, and activate using your Activation Code.

You don’t need a USB eLicenser for Cubase Elements - but if you activate to a USB eLicenser you cannot move the licence to a soft eLicenser (which is stored on your computer’s hard disk / SSD).

Thanks, my friend, it was downloaded and activated