Help upgrading CB7 Artist to CB8 Pro

I am upgrading from Cubase 7 Artist to the full CB8 Pro and have a couple questions.

During install on my C: drive I ran out of room and the install terminated just before completing.

FIRST: Can I just erase the entire CB8 file from my C: drive and be back to where I started (e.g. CB8 didn’t install anything anywhere else or do anything to my CB7, correct ?)

SECOND: I don’t have room on my C: System Drive for CB8 although my CB7 is on it. But I have an internal SSD with enough space for CB8. Can I just install CB8 on that SSD or does it have to be in the same Steinberg folder where CB7 is since its an upgrade ?

THIRD: I assume I can just make a Steinberg folder on the SSD and let CB8 install to it, and then I have to add my authorization code somewhere and I’m done, correct ?

BTW I was shocked to see that CB7 Artist was less than a Gigabyte but CB8 Pro was over 12 GB (which is why I ran out of room- had no idea it was that big). I guess I’m getting my money’s worth…

Many thanks for your advice. I’m very nervous when it comes to diddling with my DAW…



And please add to that one additional question:

FOURTH: If CB8 is indeed installed on my other SSD will it be able to see my projects and VSTs that are in my CB7 which is on my C: system drive ? Or would I need to do something in CB8 to show it where CB7 stuff is ?

Thanks again, hoping somebody will chime-in ! I’m chompin’ at the bit to try out my new CB8 but hesitant to try installing again until I’m confident about the answers…