Help! UR22 mkII not supported by iPad

Hello, I recently bought a UR22 mkII to use with my iPad Air 2 (using iOS 10.3.1)

I set everything up like instructed and installed Cubasis LE2, but when I connect a guitar or Mic. I got a horrific noise that did not resemble the input at all. Then after 30 seconds or so a message pops up on my iPad saying “This accessory is not supported by this iPad.”

I looked at the forum and found an article that sounded similar to my problem and tried updating the UR22 firmware via my windows computer. Now I can hear the input fine but I still get the message “This accessory is not supported by this iPad.” Then the iPad defaults to the iPad microphone and won’t recognize the UR22.

I have tested the cables, guitars, mic and they are all working fine and the iPad is only a few months old.

Any thoughts?

I have the some issue in spite of the update of Steinberg usb and Firmware softs.
It’s annoying because I took the steinberg UK22 mkII precisely for this purpose.

Thank you guys for your quick help.

I cant get my UR22 to work with my iPad Pro either
What is the solution to this problem?

Same problem here! UR44 is not supported, says the ipad. But! It may be a problem with the camera connection kit! Did any of you try to plug in only the cononection kit, without attaching the interface? If then the same message comes up, I think the issue is with the kit, not with the interface. I would however appreciate an expert’s view on the subject…


My ur22 mkii is also not being recognized by ipad using camera connection kit. It was last I used it a couple months ago.
Works connecting directly to a Mac laptop using usb, but power light doesn’t even light up when connected to iPad. Not recognized in Garage band or Cubase.

Recording w/iPad is why I bought it.

Firmware is up to date. IPad iOS is up to date.

Any suggestions?

Ive had the offical apple camera kit die on me, then I bought some cheap ones and they get blocked in software by apple with the “not supported“ message even though they work fine for a while. Apples way of making you buy a official one.

I have the same issue almost except the usb light turning off when i start to use the ur22mkII through ipad camera adapter …I just realized one more thing. If i put the ipad charger (with charging icon) through the camera adapter and i connect the UR22mkII (all are original new one, ipad9.7 with 12.1.1 OS and 1.0.5 usb camera adapter firmware and with the last UR22mkII firmware version 1.04) the usb audio interface seems to be working. (USB light is on) After i start to play something with garageband through the UR22mkII then suddenly the light goes off and also the ipad charging in the same time. After it i unplugged the ur22mkII usb cable from the adapter but my ipad wasnt charging so i unplugged all the adapter and charger from the ipad. Then i put in again only the charger to the ipad but it still not charged the device. So i take off the charger from the connector and take in again and my ipad start to charging. So something weird is happening with the charging. I try to switch the power source to 5v dc on the UR22 but i cant get the usb light on. So maybe if somebody can solve to get the usb light works with 5v dc power source then this problem could be solved.