Help! UR22 mkII sound problem

Hi all,

I just purchased UR22mkII recording kit online in Turkey. following the instructions I downloadad the cubase software and install it to my computer. In the first 3 days there were no problems with recording software and hardware. But now the cubase software doesnot recognize the UR22 hardware. Besides, I hear static noises for 2 -3 seconds in every 30 seconds or 2 minutes while listening audio (from youtube for instance) with the UR22 kit.

I tried to uninstall and re-install all the software but sitll having the problem.

Anybody who has the same problem? Or what do you suggest?

Thanks in advance,

Reinstall steunberg USB driver. You can download from official page

It seems to be a similar case to me.
Is your computer a MAC or Windows?
I think your computer is a mac catalina .So I think it’s a similar case to me.
I think we should help each other.
Steinberg needs to correct errors.
I think it’s right to wait for the next error correction or buy another product.
I respect your opinion.
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