Help. UR44. How to have input monitoring always on in Cubase

Steinberg UR44.

when cubase is not running or open. DspMixFx works and all Inputs work.
when I start cubase all of a sudden all inputs and MixDspFx get muted.
only way to hear inputs al the time is to create seperate track and keep in monitor.

this is also extremly inconvenient when doing manual punching in with multiple audio tracks, i have to have input monitoring enabled which mutes the the track.

Used to have ur22 and was happier with it. Every input was always directly monitored even if none of daw programs was open.

how can i make this UR44 opearte like a “normal” non-steinberg sound card so I always hear inputs thru master audio out and monitor outs ??

You should be able to turn on Direct Monitoring in the VST Audio System Setup but, of course, that will monitor the signal at the input of the sound card. If you want to monitor with the insert effects on the track but hear the track until the recording punches in, I think Record Arm (without the Monitor enabled) will do this. You should hear the underlying track until punch in and then when recording starts, the recorded signal is monitored.
There is also an setting in preferences about “Tape Machine Style Monitoring” or something like that that may do what you want. I honestly don’t remember exactly what it does.

Ok I’ll try that.
Also, Input channels in cubase mixer show signal on meters but I can’t hear them, I tried ‘listen’ enable them but than signal is doubled, direct and delay.

Why isn’t it possible to always hear input channels ? Especially that the meters are showing signal.

I thought steinberg hardware with steinberg software should integrate very nicely but it’s totally the opposite :frowning: