Help ur824 and Cubase 9

So that there is no confusion this listed below is what i have and am trying to do

FA06 on inputs 3/4
Fantom XR on spdif a
XV-5050 on spdif b

Kontakt 5

1 x Audio track with recorded guitar

the ultimate for me would be to monitor the inputs of the ur824 ie all of the above
At the moment can see signal on front of ur824 from inputs 3/4 FA06. BUT NO Sound coming from monitors from any of the inputs ONLY the recorded guitar on output 1/2 (Monitor mix)

If i use the dspmixfx outside of cubase i get all three inputs playing fantom/fa/xv-5050/

The interface i had before was ur-44 and all mu vst instruments i could hear correctly, but was using an external mixer so had the synths into mixer and output from ur44 into mixer all worked fine.

So i had the smart idea (NOT SO SMART NOW) doing away with the mixer getting interface that had more inputs and that would be it
was led to believe that ur824 full integrated with Cubase and could be controlled from within Cubase… “that’s a laugh”

What i would like is for some one to simply tell me how to set up cubase. I do not want to confuse things saying what i had tried suffice to say
it involves ins/outs/control room/ direct monitoring and so on…
THIS SHOULD BE SIMPLE maybe i should have got a MOTU
All i want to do is monitor inputs when it comes to final mix will route al channel’s to a stereo track and output

Hope you can all understand my rantings
Thanks in advance

I think direct monitor with the integration can only work by creating a track and enabling the monitor button on it.

So tick the direct monitoring box.

then either create 3 stereo audio tracks with the 3 sets of inputs you listed assigned or you could probably set them up as Cubase external instruments and add as instrument tracks. Hit the track monitor buttons and you should hear everything.

thanks for the reply i should not have to do all that why can it not just monitor the input tracks, the other thing is the Kontakt 5 plugin that worked fine with my ur44 no issues at, it works fine when running it outside of Cubase
can i ask another question

which driver should i be using

Yamaha asio usb driver
sorry will update with correct names not at home at the moment
Thanks Martin

i should not have to do all that why can it not just monitor the input tracks

Well for better or worse, that’s how it was designed…if that doesn’t work for you changing your interface is probably the best option.

Re: Kontakt 5 . You’ll need to say something about what the problem actually is…the interface should have no effect on a plugin working or not.

Yes…Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO driver is what you should select.

The only difference with the UR interfaces to other interfaces is that you can’t use the dspmix when Cubase is open.
So you create tracks, connect them and enable monitoring on them, you would have to do that anyway if you actually want to record anything. That’s how most work anyway regardless of interface used, save a template if this really is to much work for you.

So in simple terms there is no way to monitor the inputs of the interface ie

as if it was a mixer studio monitors, with mutable inputs and listen to them, what is the point of the large knob at the end of the UR824, and the monitor outputs
if you cannot monitor the sources

Sorry but I have just got rid of my Roland VS-2480 and gone to a multi input audio interface to do this so probably wasted my money (although i do have a version of Cubase 9 to sell as came with the interface)
Basically i do not record anything till the end and then it is to a stereo master (Other than Guitars).

In other DAW’s i can monitor.

Thanks will need to speak to Steindberg as still believe there is a driver issue as Plugins still not working now.


I respectfully would have to disagree with this statement.
Most interfaces allow direct monitoring of input to output without any need to create any tracks in the DAW in the same way dspmixfx does outside of Cubase. Being forced to create a track for every direct monitored input is strictly a UR/Cubase thing.

In simple terms yes there is a way to do it…you create tracks in Cubase and arm monitoring as I said.

what is the point of the large knob at the end of the UR824, and the monitor outputs
if you cannot monitor the sources

It controls the volume of the monitor outs…and of the sources too once you accept the fact that you have to monitor the sources by making tracks in the DAW.

I’m assuming you already create a midi track and record the midi…So if you were to add the devices as External Instruments and load to an instrument track instead of a plain midi track there would be nothing else to add in the project.
The external instrument setup should take care of the monitoring. Or at least I think so…Maybe someone using External Instruments can confirm??

Thanks for all your input. i have been trying today creating the audio tracks and monitoring them, the only issue i have with it is latency.

And i am glad someone else thinks like i do, Grim :slight_smile:

Maybe should have gone for one of the Motu interfaces i know that they allow you to monitor directly, to late now, the only other silly thing about this is if i use Sonar then there is no issue only Cubase, I have been a user since version 2 on the Atari 1024 ST

Thanks a lot

Well you’ll always have some latency if your midi passes via the DAW…just make sure direct monitoring is ticked so you’re not doubling your latency with the audio delay and then it’s down to lowering your buffer as much as poss and avoiding plugins with latency or using constrain delay compensation to disable them while playing.

If you Uninstall the Steinberg MR Extension you can monitor your inputs with Cubase running. Thats what I did here so I can run Logc , StudioOne, Reaper etc and use the MR Editor here. The Steinberg Extension app takes over the Console software so everything is running THROUGH Cubase if you will.

Doing it this way I can use the console software with Cubase open as well. You will lose the direct integration through

How do you do this??

  1. Run the Tools Installer
  2. Select UNINSTALL on the Steinberg Extension

Thanks for that i will try all these things, Maybe Steinberg will see the light. LoL

I have been looking in more detail at the MOTU 828 i think (the one with the led channel lights and it can defiantly switch to direct monitor of source.)

The other odd thing is that two of my synths are connected via SPDIF and that is already Digital so strange it will not pass that through as well) anyway i cannot return this one now.

It is obviously not a physical issue of the interface

Thanks again

I have the UR824. i cannot see a choice to not install the extensions
That is it all sorted Thanks for that that is exactly how i want to work :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


For you PC guys:
Control Panel\Programs\Uninstall a Program, find the EXTENSION and Uninstall

  1. The UR Extension is locking you out
  2. If you Uninstall the Extension then you can adjust the fader inputs for the SPIDF

Yes this would have been my second suggestion. But as you loose the integration in Cubase, I didn’t think this was the obvious choice.
Although I did that when I was using the MR816x as my main interface.
The UR824 performes better than any of the motu usb interfaces, I think it’s a great interface in that price range.

As was mentioned, this is ONLY an issue with the Steinberg interfaces as they are designed to integrate Cubase functionality with them. IF you are using ANY other interface you wont have that issue


  1. Uninstall the UR Extension App but you will lose the Cubase integration and maybe the plugins on input

  2. Get a diff interface. RME, MOTU, Focusrite, any will do what you need in that regard