Help using Delay plugins

I’m going nuts trying to get a delay plug-in to do what I want. The biggest annoyance is that I can’t seem to find any instructions for them. There’s a chart comparing features here, but no “how to” specifics.

For example, ModDelay has Feedback, Time, TmpSync, and DelayMod parameters. I understand what feedback is, but how to Time and TempoSync interact, and what IS “DelayMod”

Plus, I still have no idea what the difference is between TempoSync options like 1/4, 1/4D, and 1/4T - can someone explain them to me, or point to a page in the manual or something?

The controls are explained in the “Plug-in Reference” manual not the Operations manual.

1/4 = quarter note
1/4D = dotted quarter note
1/4T = quarter note triplets

ah! Never noticed there was such a thing… Thanks!

I’d never heard of “dotted” notes before (very little musical training), but now that I’m watching a YouTube video explaining them, I do remember that a dot placed after a note increases its length by half. Now to find a video to explain what “triplets” are.

hmmm, some good info on “StereoDelay” “MonoDelay” “ModMachine” and “PingPong Delay”, but “ModDelay” doesn’t seem to be in the Plug-In Reference. I’m guessing it’s from an early version and is considered obsolete. No big deal, I don’t use it much, but I would like to know what the “Delay Mod” knob does

It contols the delays pitch modulation rate.

Aloha k,

I do not see ‘ModDelay’ on your comparison chart.

I do see ‘Mono Delay’ and ‘Mod Machine’ but no ‘ModDelay’.

If it is ‘Mod Machine’ info that you are after, here is some (unformatted) from
my C4 install:

ModMachine combines delay modulation and filter fre- quency/resonance modulation and can provide many in- teresting modulation effects.
It also features a Drive parameter for distortion effects.
The parameters are as follows:
Tempo sync Delay on/off
Tempo sync Rate on/off
Feedback Drive
Signal path graphic
Output/Loop Filter type Freq
The included effect plug-ins
This is where you specify the base note value for the de- lay if tempo sync is on (1/1–1/32, straight, triplet or dot- ted). If tempo sync is off, the delay time can be set freely in milliseconds.
The button below the Delay knob turns tempo sync for the delay parameter on or off. If set to off, the delay time can be set freely with the Delay knob.
The Rate parameter sets the base note value for tempo syncing the delay modulation (1/1 to 1/32, straight, triplet or dotted).
If tempo sync is off, the rate can be set freely with the Rate knob.
The button below the Rate knob turns tempo sync for the rate parameter on or off. If set to off, the rate can be set freely with the Rate knob.
This sets the amount of delay pitch modulation. Note that although the modulation affects the delay time, the sound is mostly perceived as a vibrato or chorus-like effect.
This sets the number of repeats for the delay.
This parameter adds distortion to the feeback loop. The longer the Feedback, the more the delay repeats become distorted over time.
Sets the level balance between the dry signal and the ef- fect. If ModMachine is used as a send effect, this should be set to maximum (100%) as you can control the dry/ef- fect balance with the send.
Clicking the Nudge button once will momentarily speed up the audio coming into the plug-in, simulating an ana- log tape nudge type sound effect.
You can click on the Filter sections displayed in the graphic in the center of the plug-in to place the Filter sec- tion either before or after the Drive and Feedback para- meters in the signal path.
The Filter can either be placed in the feedback loop of the delay or in its output path (see above).
This toggle button allows you to select a filter type. Low- pass/bandpass/hipass filter types are available.
This sets the cutoff frequency for the filter. This is avail- able only, if filter frequency LFO tempo sync is deacti- vated and the Speed parameter (see below) is set to “0".
This sets the speed of the filter frequency LFO modula- tion. If tempo sync is activated the Speed parameter sets the base note value for tempo syncing the modulation (1/ 1 to 1/32, straight, triplet or dotted).
If tempo sync is off, the rate can be set freely with the Speed knob.

HTH (hope this helps)

Triplets are when you play 3 notes where in regular time you’d play two. For example normally two eighth notes fill the same amount of time as a quarter note. But if you were to play 3 eighth in the same amount of time as one quarter note, then they are eighth note triplets.


Sure read over the manual a few times a year, doesn’t matter, its a ridiculous interpretation of a modulating delay. I HATE that plugin, nothing musical about it. Find any free plug-in, or mix and match Cubase’ other tools to do better. Amazing they have such a great stereo delay but could not add a few meaningful parameters from their other bundled plugins to make for a better delay modulation system. Ridiculous, possible one of the worse plugins in history of the digital audio workstation so far.