Help using EZ Drummer 3 with Dorico 5

I’d like to use EZ Drummer with Dorico, being able to drag and drop grooves and fills in the midi editor and having them correctly notated.
In Cubase is pretty easy to do a drum map and decide how to notate every technique, in Dorico I’m struggling.
I did a Percussion map but sometimes the notes are notated wrong, sometimes they don’t playback correctly.
I’m sorry if this was already addressed, I couldn’t find a detailed explanation

I’m using the EZ Drummer basic kit percussion map created by the great Paul Walmsley. I’m getting good results in Dorico 5. Paul’s map is an ideal starting point if you wish to edit it for additional EZX drum kits. Perhaps comparing Paul’s map to yours will help you with your troubleshooting.

I created a quick test video here: quick EZ Drummer 3 test with Dorico 5 - YouTube


Thank you @AdagioLearner,
I think I checked it already…
Are you having the right notation written also?

Adjusting the quantization settings in Dorico’s Preferences/Play improved my notation following drag & drop from EZDrummer. The notation works for my purposes.

My disappointment is not with Dorico, but EZDrummer. While I can use midi learn in EZDrummer to easily manage the plug-in’s transport and mixer controls with CCs, I cannot use Dorico’s new midi trigger feature to play and loop EZDrummer grooves. Midi trigger notes from Dorico appear to work only with Groove Agent SE as far as know. (Although I could probably use something like Bome’s midi translator software to work around the fact that by default in EZDrummer, notes are used for instruments or articulations only.)