HELP - VDrums Hi-Hat Triggering Kick

Bit of a GA noob problem here…

I’m recording a drum line with a Roland TD-11 kit, sending MIDI into GrooveAgent SE 4. For some reason, hitting a closed hi-hat at the edge of the cymbal will trigger the kick as well.

I’ve tried removing trigger notes, assigning outputs, consulting the official manual, looking on Google, and a bunch of other alternatives. Nothing seems to be working, though.

Any tips? :blush:

SOLVED… I realized that the issue wasn’t with GA, but with the V-Drums. The V-Drums’ MIDI triggers had to be reconfigured directly on the V-Drum module. Took an extra couple of minutes, and it fixed it.

Can you please share how you’ve solved this? I’ve been going through the manual + google searches trying to figure it out. Having trouble wrapping my head around it lol… Cheers!

It’s 2021 and I’m still facing the same issue :frowning:

It’s such unfortunate that JGalhanth didn’t give us the solution…

I was managed to solve it.

Solution can be found here: