Hi, I am running v 5.1 on a Mac w. Snow Leopard. I get the spinning beach ball of death once per hour or so–when simply jogging around the project and trying to playback. The video file is an MP4 QuickTime–I have the thumbnail cache set to 64MB–but the thumbnail is actually grayed out.

Any suggestions?


…I tried deactivating thumbnails, but am still crashing…

…Looks like AVI compressed as DVPRO are still the ticket (like on my old Cubase SX3/Powermac system). Thumbnails working–and no crashes as of yet. It’s baffling that Nuendo still can’t handle all the various QT video formats–especially because they have given special attention and self-praise to the enhanced capability of the video player in v5…

post up a segment of the video file and i’ll try to repro that. from my experience the mov container is better to use in nuendo.

Hi Shaun,
you should try the Nuendo 5.5 update. It contains an MPEG 4 fix that probably solves your problem.

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