Help. Views in Editor, mix console etc not saving

I was wondering if I could get some help as I’m new to Cubase. When I reopen a project, all the views for the mix console, editor etc revert to normal. I like to use the drum part view in the editor when working on drums but when I reopen a project, it reverts back to keyboard view. Same with the mix console - I like to see the faders (like, obviously!) but it always reverts back to not being able to see the faders. Do I have to do something in settings so it remembers this?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

If you double-click a MIDI Part, the default Editor opens. By default it’s the Key Editor (or a Drum Editor, if there is a Drum Map set in the track). You can change it in the Preferences.

I didn’t think there was a view where faders are not shown.
Have you explored using Visibility Configurations?

Thanks. I already had the drum editor checked in the preferences but didn’t know I needed to set it to a drum part in the inspector. I just assumed if you chose Groove agent as the instrument it would know it was a drum part!

Thanks. The main mix console is fine, it was the mix console in the lower zone that kept reseting to show inserts and not faders. I saved the fader view as a preset and that seems to have done the trick. Sorry, I’ve come from Ableton Live and it’s been a long time since I used Cubase (version 5) so just trying to get my head around all the settings can be confusing!