Help Vst Connect

hey everyone i really need help with vst connect i have a friend that is a bass player and he is very far from me i know that certain people got this to work can anyone help me with VST Connect im on Cubase Pro 9.

Thank You

I’ve tried it a few times but somehow VSTConnect feels like a wheel of fortune? If you’re lucky it works but the next time you start Cubase it fails again. So no, I can’t confirm I’ve had success with it? There’s also no really useful video’s explaining hoe to set it up. Just some promotional stuff telling how incredible it is what you can do with it. There is one German video that goes a little more in depth but that’s about version 1( But at least you get the idea looking at this. Nowadays there is a vstconnect.cpr you can download or select from the menu that will set things up for you, but like I said, it’s no guarantee it will work out of the box.
A good thing to do is get a 2nd machine (laptop) and connect this through a vpn connection. That way you can fool VST connect SE that it connects from another network because normally only the pro version will allow you to connect from within your own network. Now you can test the remote connection on this laptop and see what you need to set up to make it work. But be prepared for some major frustration. :slight_smile: Good luck!

Right, version has changed and you should get along with an empty project and just “Create VST Connect”. Most problems occur when attempting to fix things that ain’t broken. For more detailed explanations also check out