Help: VSTi Plugins Are Not On The Dorico 2 Mixer

I am on Windows 10. Dorico 2.1

I had not noticed this problem until very recently, as I’ve mostly been working with older scores I’d started in Dorico 1. Today I tried to add some new plugin instances to one of these scores, and despite all efforts, any new instances flat out refuse to show up on the Dorico Mixing Console.

I have tried deleting the VSTAudioEngine2_64, rebooting, and starting fresh and it did not help.

If I try to use any plugin other than HSSE, it refuses to show up on Dorico’s Mixer. If I try to ‘manually’ add an instance of HSSE, it refuses to show up on Dorico’s Mixing Console.

I can assign staves to these plugins, and I can hear them, but they refuse to show up on the Mixing Console.

If I open up old scores I made in Dorico 1, everything loads just as I left it. HALion 6, ARIA, etc…all show up on the Dorico Mixer, but if I add new plugin instances they refuse to show up on the Mixing Console.

If I start a brand new score in Dorico 2.1, HSSE is the ONLY plugin I can get to show on the Mixing Console. Nothing else shows up…not even HALion Sonic 3 or HALion 6.

If I go back to Dorico 1 (Never uninstalled it), thinks work as usual. I can add instances of whatever VSTi I like (VST2 in whitelist too).

Hi Brian, please see this thread:

Thanks Ulf,

What would be the safest/easiest path to roll back to 2.0 until a fix comes out?

I checked my Windows installer manager and didn’t see one for removing just the 2.1 update.

I don’t think I’ve kept a copy of the old 2.0 installer and everything in Steinberg Download Assistant is 2.1. I’ve also checked the Steinberg support/download section and can’t find a link hosting older versions (Only the latest 2.1 update installer pops up).

Is there a valid/official place somewhere for grabbing older installers?

You can download the Dorico 2.0 Windows installer from here.