Help w Add-ons and CSS Con Sord (also question about playback offset)

Hi Guys,

I suppose I’m a little confused about how exactly add-ons work, I’m having trouble getting an answer in the documentation. I have attached my expression map:

Basically, I’m using an add-on to toggle the con sordino switch in CSS. However, in practice the add-on often causes the switch to flutter, not engage and/or not accept the sensa sord playing technique to turn off the mute.

I also wanted to ask what the exact unit is for playback offsets. Does anyone have a handy way of calculating ms to the unit of offset at a given tempo?

The playback start and end offsets are measured in ticks, and Dorico uses 480 ticks per quarter note.

To convert n milliseconds to ticks, multiply the given tempo expressed in quarter notes per minute by 0.008 and then multiply that product by n. For example, to convert 40 milliseconds to ticks at a tempo of q=100, compute 100 * 0.008 * 40 = 32.


Thank you, John!

Ok I figured out what was happening here.

I had an “off event” on the add on for the program change to remove the mute in CSS, it was causing it to flutter on every note. I removed the off event and saw that senza sord is tied to “Open 1” in playing techniques, so I assigned the mute off program change to that add-on and now it’s working as intended.

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