HELP Waves plugins don't load on a project

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with Cubasis and integrated Waves effects. They don’t load anymore on one of my projects.

I’ve used Waves Audiotrack on every track of this project. Now it just show “Audio Unit” in place of the Waves plugins. The sound isn’t processed anymore and the only thing I can do is disable the plugin or replace it. I can load a new instance of Waves Audiotrack but i lose my preset. Theses plugins load jus fine on other projects.

Expected Results
Waves plugins should load.

Actual Results
They don’t.

iPad Pro 12,9 2017, Cubasis 2.4.1, iOS 11.3.1

Hi echoes3000,

To allow us to evaluate the problem, please upload the project via WeTransfer, Dropbox or similar.
Afterwards please share the download link via private message.


Hi echoes3000,

Our engineering has evaluated the issue.

Since we haven’t seen or experienced a similar case, we do not know what could have caused the issue.
Are you able to reproduce the problem? If so, please provide us with a step description, in order reproduce the problem.


Hello Lars,

I’m sad to hear that you haven’t found the outcome of the problem. Unfortunately, I can’t give you more details… This is a project that I didn’t opened for some time when the issue appeared. I think I remember that there was an iOS update in between (the one before the recent 11.4)…

Maybe a lead to investigate : I’ve used on this project the audio unit reverb from DDMF, Envelope.

Best regards,