HELP! Where Are My VST'S?

I have been trying for over TWO HOURS :cry: to somehow find a way to get Cubase to recognize my third party VST’S. The only instruments and effects I can access right now are the included Cubase ones.

I have VST’s loaded on my machine, but I can’t for the life of me figure out where/how I add another path for Cubase to search and find my third party VST’S?

I’ve looked under Plug-in Information, Plug-in Manager, VST Connections and VST Instruments!
NO WHERE is there an option to add a path or rescan for third party VST’S!

I’m about to give up on Cubase! It really shouldn’t be THIS DIFFICULT to simply find or navigate to your third party plugins! :imp:

Took me a good 10 minutes. Open the Plug in manager and at the bottom is a settings cog, open, and here are the paths.