HELP!Will 10-year-old CUBASE SX work with Windows 7?

Hey all,

I would be eternally grateful if a kind tech-minded soul would answer a question or two for me!

10 years ago I had a DAW built and I bought tons of software for it: Cubase SX 2.01 (I know, it’s really old now!), and various plug-ins: Halion Symphonic Orchestra, Groove Agent etc.

Now, I have some blown caps on my motherboard (which is no longer being manufactured) and basically the computer is DONE. I’m going to get a new DAW built however ARE THERE ANY COMPATIBILITY ISSUES I need to know about?

  1. Specifically, will 10-year-old CUBASE SX work with Windows 7?
  2. If so, will it be able to open/ read my old project files? i.e no linking problems?

I am very comfortable with my set-up so I just want to get everything running again on some new hardware. Thanks in advance for your answer(s)!!!

I have SX installed on my daw (Win 7 64 bit) without problems. It’s useful to open my older projects.

I have no experience myself using legacy Cubase on Win 7 64 bit etc…however I have read of some other people having various issues, thus beginning entering the road to a total upgrade! Even if your Cubase does indeed work fine, you still have to confirm that your sound card will work on the new system…especially if you’re like me, having sound cards that really loved the older 5 volt PCI slots, where as the new mobo’s use I think 3 volts or so, and are ‘bridged’ PCI slots…some have had success getting their old cards to work, many have not…I know for a fact mine will not.

If it were me, just trying to “get back, get, back, get back to where I once belonged”… I would simply buy that same motherboard (or one very similar, of that class, and series from the same manufacturer), used on eBay or something. In fact, this is what I do to build myself replica DAW machines…which the original was built about 8 years ago for nearly $2,500, where as my replicas cost about $500. Late last year I just happened to find a BRAND NEW motherboard, sealed in a box/never used on eBay…the one’s I use. I stay with what I know works on all my legacy stuff.

Thanks for your answers guys.

I am having a new DAW custom built for me this week. (I’m aware of the soundcard issue).

Either way… if I can get it to work well, or if I have issues, I will report back to this thread!
I’m sure there are other people wondering the same thing; after all, we can’t all afford to upgrade all that beautiful, expensive software that’s considered “old” now! :wink:

my Nuendo 3 does not play well with Windows 7.
random clicks, glithches, dropout, CPU overloads