HELP WITH 5.1 Exporting

Hi there!

For a university class, we have to take our composition that was originally mixed in stereo, and prepare it for 5.1. I did a batch export of my tracks and brought them into a 5.1 session. Problem is whenever I try to export the 5.1 out, it gives me one big wav. file, is there a way to get the 5.1 channels as individual mono tracks?

I am also having another problem, were when I do export the 5.1 channel as a single file, it comes out only in L and R, as if it was stereo.

I will say that I am not setup for surround. I am currently working in stereo, I am using a new plugin called WAVES NX to simulate a 5.1 system, but my outputs aren’t all connected. I don’t know if this has to do with it or not.

Waves NX allows you to simulate a room in stereo or surround, utilizing head tracking and your headphones. Because I only have two monitors, I switched onto the headphones to emulate this 5.1 effect.


Just curious if you ever figured this out. I know I’m four years late to this thread, but I’ve just downloaded NX and and trying to figure out how to even use it with just a pair of stereo headphones.