Help with a macro (for automation)

On the volume automation line, I’m trying to facilitate a series of repetitive steps I often do with my mouse. Basically, I first click on the line to create a “dot,” which “anchors” the line to a certain level. I then create another dot very close to this first dot (just a bit afterwards on the timeline) to bring the level down. A few measures later, I might repeat this to bring the volume back up.

I want to create a macro that re-creates these steps – by invoking the macro, two “dots” are inserted at specified positions (wherever the cursor or locator might be). However, I can’t find the key command that creates a mouse click. Is there such a command?

For those of you who use Microsoft Excel, remember that you can start recording a macro and then execute different commands. After stopping the macro, you can review what was recorded to understand the computer language and key commands that were used. I don’t think Cubase has this…it seems you have to know ahead of time what the command is if you want to write a macro.

Any ideas? Thanks!


There’s no such key command, I’m afraid.
If you need this often enough, why not create a specific track in your Template Project, which contains those 2 automation points, then copy/paste them as necessary?

Thank you, vic-france (you’re always helpful…I appreciate it)

Actually, that’s what I have been doing in the meantime: copying two points from the same automation lane elsewhere in the timeline and then pasting as needed. But, it’s not as efficient. Oh well, there’s another great idea that might one day be implemented. Cheers!

I have tried to do the point-by-point draw a line thing, and I’m just too awkward. I’ve settled on another method that seems really quick and easy to me … maybe it will turn out to be helpful to the OP or someone else … but maybe there’s something wrong with the method that I’m not aware of …

I just ALT-X on down the track everywhere the vocal track needs a volume change, then when I’m done, I select each resulting piece using key commands to increase or decrease the volume of each segment (CTRL-ALT-V or SHIFT-ALT-V). It’s so much easier for me than drawing.

Can someone take a think about this let me know if there’s anything wrong with this? I believe it’s pre-fader, but don’t know if that’s a bad thing?

Thanks -

Something to investigate maybe… haven’t actually tried it in Cubase though.

Maybe (maybe) using “Cut” and “Paste at Origin” for a range over an envelope will do the same, create two points at the selection edges on paste.

I find using the line tool is the best solution for this situation. Simply drag the line where you’d like the the automation to be and all the necessary points are created.

I’ve also noticed that with snap on and using the line tool, points accurately snap to the grid, unlike when using the arrow tool which seems to place points onto the grid until you zoom in to find many have actually missed the mark by a tiny fraction.