Help with a Macro?

I have a simple Macro that gathers a number of tracks into a Folder and assigns them to a Group channel:

As part of this Macro I’m asked to enter a name for the Group channel. When the Macro completes, I then have to go to the Folder name and enter a name for it as a separate task.

Is there anything I can add to my Macro such that I can type in a name once and have it applied both to the Group channel AND the Folder?

Not exclusively within a Cubase Macro. The limitation is that there is no way to embed text fields in a Macro. If you have a standardized naming system I think you could use the Project Logical to rename them - meaning the names would be embedded into PLE preset.

Thanks. I suppose what it would need is a way to enter a dialogue and store a variable in the Macro, which is not really what it’s designed to do.