Help with a specific macro

Studio one has this macro which I’d like to create in Cubase if possible. For editing midi chords.

  1. Select all lowest notes.

2 Invert selection.

  1. Delete

So the idea is to select all the lowest notes then invert the selection so you now are selecting everything else but the lowest notes then delete everything but the lowest notes keeping the root notes.

If I could get the Restrict Polyphony command to select the lowest notes that would work. However it just selects the highest notes.

Any ideas? :slight_smile:


In the Cubase’s Logical Editor, there is preset: Musical Context > Select Highest Pitch. You can modify it to select the Lowest Pitch and Extract it. Or you can make a Macro to trigger this Select Highest Pitch preset two times (this could be a bit risky, in case you would have only 2 notes sometimes; and it will work if there will be a 4-nots chord). Or you can make a macro to:

  • Run adapted Select Lowest Pitch
  • Invert Selection
  • Delete.

To adapt the preset to Extract Lowest Pitch:
Type Is | Equal | Note | And
Context Variable | Equal | Lowest Pitch


  • nothing


Save it as your user preset.

Cubase will create a new MIDI Track, with the lowest Pitch Notes.

Yes this is easily done.

You’ll need to use the Logical Editor which can be included in your macro.

The attached shows an LE preset to select the lowest note in a chord(s). Positions are numbered from the bottom up, so the lowest note is 0, 2nd lowest is 1, etc. I have a set of these defined so I can select any note in the chord.

There is a Key Command to invert the selection.

Absolutely fantastic! Thank you both!

I went with creating this macro by modifying the select highest pitch ( renamed Select lowest note )

Works like a charm! :slight_smile:
Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 8.44.19 PM.png

It’s funny, I tried this macro and it works perfectly on my keyboard, but when I assign it to a button on my midi keyboard, it ends up deleting the lowest rows of notes one by one until it isolates the highest notes lol


Weird, but I can confirm it too.

Reported to Steinberg (CAN-20462).

Thanks. Out of interest, how did you go about reporting this to Steinberg? I have an issue where my track preset filter and VST plug-in path settings aren’t saving, but there seems to be no formal way of writing a support ticket or getting in touch with Steinberg’s support team except via phonecall.


Please make a new thread about this issue. The best is to place it to the Issues area.

There are some Cubase Beta testers here on the forum. They report the bugs from thid public forum (if they can reproduce it and found it as bug) to the internal Steinberg’s bug tracking system.

If you want to, send me the link via PM to the new thread.

Ok great, thanks, I made one yesterday will PM you the link.