Help with a whitespace issue

So here we have a long note across bars done using the 1:1 tuplet spans barline technqiue.

That’s in 7/16.

Now, in the layout at present Dorico compresses the empty bar and makes the timing hard to read (the composer I work with is fussy about proportional timing and I can never really achieve what he wants but this is an extreme case that really does look bad.]


Here’s the whole line. Pushing the 12/16 to the next page has essentially no effect.

I need Lilypond’s spacer rests! What to do?

I can’t use a double dotted crotchet rest and make the alpha channel transparency zero because you can’t change the colour attributes of dots (as far as I know - an odd limitation if true).

Instead of a double-dotted crotchet rest, you could possibly use force duration to have a crotchet rest followed by a quaver rest and a semiquaver rest. Then make their alpha channel transparency zero. Or maybe, if you need more spacing-out, a string of semiquaver rests. Also, I have occasionally used opaque noteheads with hidden stems to create more space when needed.

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If there’s nothing in a bar, Dorico has nothing to use for spacing, that’s why they end up compressed.

It may be that using the note spacing tool in Engrave mode to widen these bars manually is the simplest option, although that is of course an edit that is layout-specific (i.e. would have to be replicated in the part if originally done in the full score, although am I right in thinking these projects you work on tend to be solo piano and therefore only need one layout anyway?)

Thanks All, using 14 semiquaver rests and alpha channel zero works fine.

Except that you can’t then print mono PDF but that does not really matter. [But one of the reasons why I keep requesting the ability to hide rests to the annoyance of all it seems!]

How about if, instead of setting the opacity (alpha channel) of the rests to zero, you set their colour to white and then move them up/down out of the way of the staff and any notational elements? Maybe move the rests before changing their colour - they will be easier to select if you can actually see them.