Help with AAF IMPORT in Nuendo 6.07[SOLVED]

I´m trying to import an AAF file , but every time a box appears saying “Resolve missing files” . When I press locate,the AAF folder with the audio files opens and I locate the file. The problem is that I have to do that for every single file. It doesn´t search for all the files at the same time.I have more than 6.000 audios in that folder.
Am I missing something?



If I understand you correctly, “locate” only locates the missing file. Usually “folder” is another option and when chosen, if you select the proper folder then Nuendo loads all the missing files that are in that folder. john.

When you locate the proper file in the correct folder( where all the files are) it should load all the files but it doesn´t. Just the one you selected. It use to work in version 6.06.

I solved the problem. Erased all preferences and" voila"! Good as new. :smiley: