Help with adding midi track to existing audio

I would like to add some midi tracks to a live recording I made with a Zoom H4N. The live recording consists of three tracks: one stereo ambient recording, one mono direct line in of the bass, and another mono direct line in of the keys. I have a Yamaha MOX-8 and Cubase Elements 6. (I upgraded from the Cubase LE 6 that came with the Yamaha.)

I’ve been using Cubase for about two months to mix down the live recordings to MP3, so I am somewhat familiar with that aspect of using Cubase. However, integrating my Yamaha MOX-8 with Cubase is proving to be completely beyond my capabilities. Is there a book, or a series of videos, or an online course that can help me figure out how to get this to work?

I’ve changed so many settings on both the keyboard and in Cubase trying to get this to work that I’m sure that I’ve botched something up. I know how to reset the keyboard to factory defaults. Is there a way for me to reset Cubase (and all of the assorted VST stuff) to factory defaults?

This simply can’t be as hard as it seems or no one would bother.


Jim Lancaster
Dallas, TX

Hello Jim -

As far as getting the timing of the MIDI to match with the audio that might not be played to a click track, maybe this will be helpful:

If not, a google search for this forum plus your topic might help.

Also, have you seen these?

And there’s also a “Steinberg Channel” on youtube that might be helpful (I can’t access it at work now to give a link).

Good luck, post back with more ?s, someone here will almost certainly help -

P.S. Welcome to the forum!! :smiley: