Help with asio time usage please !!

Oh the pain… the pain! this has been going on for too long i need help :frowning:

Here is my problem that continues to happen every month! for the passed 3 years

I’m working on a project and boom! computer shuts right off no warning.
I turn it back on, open my project and…
Asio time usage is blasting really high! I would have to turn off any plugins for it to calm down. once i turn plugins back on its right back high.
Before the crash it was playing like a champ! now its messed.
This happens all the time to what ever project im working on.

Regarding my computer randomly turning off. i’ve changed the power supply 3 times in it… because the more times it shuts off … the better chance it will never turn on again until i get a new power supply. Dont know why.

I’m pretty sure computer shuts down only in cubase and not using say Fl studio or going threw folders/desktop.
Ps(I dont run any programs other then cubase and I dont use the internet on this computer also)

My specs

Sound card : fireface 400 (Buffer size 1024 samples)
Comp : Win xp intel 2 quad - 2.83 of physical ram | 4 installed

Cubase 5

Please anybody

Is there a chance that the audio driver in Cubase has changed?

Is there also a chance your computer/CPU is overheating?

There is no way the driver changed in cubase, After it happens i always check to make sure… and its the same driver.

I thought maybe it could be Cpu over heating so a year ago i bought a big color master case with several fans on it. plus It can happen 10 min in.


Still sounds like overheating from here? are you sure the CPU heatsink is properly fitted? Or a memory fault?

But… Overheating… CPU starts to throttle back clock, ASIO usage thus increases eventually computer shuts off.

Im not sure if the heatsink is ok… dont know what to look for. The fan seems to be running??

I ran a heat test with cubase on and asio time spiking like crazy… dont know what to look for but here is 4 snapshots… 4th snap shot is with cubase closed… rest are just taken at differnt times.

Thanks for the help!!

Some of those temps look way too hot, unless you live in the middle of the Sahara!!!

Maybe someone that knows exactly whats what chips (pun!) in, I’d say your system is running on the edge of it’s heat limit and beyond (shutdown)

Are you using the stock CPU heatsink? Did you build the system? maybe you should get some good thermal compound and reset the CPU heatsink? what power supply are you using?

No live in Canada which has the opposite effect… VERY COLDDDD lol

Well i did just what you mentioned,

I cleaned it inside out. took the cpu fan off and got rid of alot of dust. Then I got Arctic silver 5 And took all the right steps to replace the heat sink paste. put it all back together and here is another snapshot

This is about 5 10 min in just on idle… I dont know how long it takes for the new paste to start working…
Or when it is a right time to look at the temperature readings, but here you go!

let me know what you think… again i dont even know what to look for

(I was using the stock heatsink, I did build the system and Im pretty sure i have the coolermaster 460W or 550W cant remember)

Again thanks it means alot!

I’m no expert but that looks a lot better than before.

You seem to have 4 cores now!!! temps still looks a bit on the high side, but the real test is… how does Cubase run now?

I take it you followed the instructions for the removal and applying the new paste?

First thing I do when building a new system is to junk the stock cpu fan and put in a good after market one. quieter and better cooling.

Lol yeah i was wondering why last time i didnt see 4?!!? thats weird i have the 4th one now.
Yes i Used rubbing alcohol and coffee filters to remove old paste and then applied the new paste properly.
I was looking into a simple 30$ COOLER MASTER Hyper TX3 CPU Cooler… but didn’t think it would make a big difference compared to my stock fan… And didn’t want to spend more because i plan on changing platforms.

Well another snapshop with Cubase running (15 min in)
the sound was not crackling which is good. meeter is still high.
I was able to add afew more heavy plugings without it going crazy!

but check it out

Looks like it was an overheating problem after all :sunglasses:

Cubase can really stress a system.

Yeah looks that way, I will definitely keep monitoring it and try other ways to cool it down

But thanks alot for all the help you were right!


Hi JoCubase,
I’m running the same processor as you and my power supply is similar. Not only are your temps still running high but your processor is drawing too much current. I’m using a 550 watt PS and it’s peak current supply is 42Amps. Even with reseating your processor with new paste, you are still drawing 61Amps and in another case, 69! I don’t know what your PS capability is but I will bet it’s being overdrawn and that’s why you’ve had to replace it.
We are running close to the same rig with the exception of RAM and video cards but I am idling at 29°C and topped out at 57°C running Memtest 86 for 4 hrs. My processor is set to shut down at 75°C. If I were running your temps, it would never even get started. There’s got to be a problem with your setup concerning your processor mounting and/or cooling system. I’d get a real good look at that and if you’re not seeing anything, then get a pro to go over your work. The processor and PS you save may be yours! :slight_smile:

Now you got me worried again! :cry:

you said “processor mounting and/or cooling system”
Other then resetting my processor with new paste… what can i do now??
Should I take the processor/cpu completely out of the mother board then stick it back in (remount), then redo the paste? Get a better Cpu fan coolermaster or something?? maybe a new processor?

I wish it was running at 29C!

Thanks for you help!

Kind of hard to say without looking at it. At first I thought you may have had too much voltage going to the processor (like in overclocking) but that looks fine in your chart. I’m not even sure you’re getting accurate readings because some of the core readings posted a “minus” 19 - 26°C which would be way below freezing! That can’t be right. It’s possible some components may have been slightly damaged from the high temps.

I thought maybe the -ve temps were possibly due to the temps being off the scale!!! (way too high) hence the sudden shutdown.

If the temps being reported are real, then you still have a problem. thoroughly clean all dust and grime off everything then consider getting a better cpu cooler. Follow the instructions for thermal paste to the letter, too much is almost as bad as not enough! and don’t forget the heat needs to get out the case too. Power supplies should be well over specified as well.

alright thank alot guys, I just might consider getting a better cpu cooler and hope that helps…

Again thanks!