Help with Audio warp?

Long time sx3 user :blush:

I recently made the move from cubase sx3 to 6 i see quite a lot has been added in the way of audio warp and vari ect
My studio is only a home project one quite well equipped and i have been produceing some pretty nice sounding demos upto now on sx3…
The way i have always built my tracks on sx was to record full takes of bass guitar,acoustic,vocals ect along side toontracks ezdrummer parts and then listen back to timeing and performance and then just cut in where i might of been out of time hear or their.

Upto now this has been the way i have always worked

Im mainly a singer and guiarist but over the years my Bass playing is comeing on but still working it,its only for odd notes now on bass where i may need to just budge it forward or back ever so slightly.
I have been experimenting with the audio warp to just budge notes in free warp mode but as i do i see that their are certain hitpoint bars that you can move and not all of that note in the file is moved some is stretched or squashed depending if it needs to go forward or back…Is this the best feature to use in cubase 6 or am i missing a better way or feature? can Audio be moved more freely in parts or am i on the right path with audio warp.

I never made use of much of the sx3s features and used it more like a tape machine but as 6 has so many i think its time to learn about as much of it as i can and take advantage of them.

Any help or advise would be great Cheers

You can put in your own markers to constrain the stretch but quite honestly for Bass in particular I’d still cut and slip notes, as Bass notes tend to be easy to spot and you wont get any time stretch artifacts.

Thanks split

good advise when you say slip the cut piece i take it you mean with snap off and just find its correct place…?
I have done this in the past i was just hopeing to be able to leave my audio parts uncut and intact.Im sure i rember seeing some video somewhere on the web of someone moveing audio quite freely in parts without squashing or stretching it or haveing to cut? Either it was a beautiful dream or i just cant find it now!

Think i will either just stick to cutting in with record or do what you said cut and slip the note in place.

Thanks again

You can cut around a note and slip the event without having to move the part by holding down a key/s (that I can’t remember what one it is (Alt/Shift?)) then crossfade if the preceding or trailing note doesn’t get in the way?

Im sure i rember seeing some video somewhere on the web of someone moveing audio quite freely in parts without squashing or stretching it or haveing to cut?

Maybe you are thinking of the Cubase Slip Editing Method video that is available on another forum…just google it.
You actually are still cutting but using key commands to speed things up & then moving the audio within the event.

Slip editing looks like the perfect way for me to do what im trying to do! This will save me alot of time when im tracking my bass.

Thankyou guys

The only thing to beware of when using slip editing is that you don’t move the end of the previous note, or the beginning of the next note into the current part, thus creating a double strike or something. Pretty obvious really, but for this reason I personally prefer to cut the note out and slide the whole audio part, I find it quicker. Any gaps I create along the way are generally inaudible in my type of rock music. If I can hear them then I fill them up. There’s no denying that sometimes it can take effort to get a perfectly in time track!! I’d also recommend AutoCrossfade to mop up all the cuts. Then when you’re happy with the adjusted part I’d recommend bouncing it down too because I’ve found Cubase to be sluggish and unstable when there’s a lot of audio parts in a project (and it’s the same for ProTool too, it’s just an overhead thing).


P.S. I too stay clear of warping on bass because it is more likely to produce artefacts like bubbling sounds.

Too true mike

Sometimes i will record a take that is totaly flawless may take some time but hey its worth it…others i will just record in perfect loops (sounds tight) but this sometimes takes away alot of live feel to a tracks…

i just spent a few mins messing about with slip editing and love it its perfect for what i need just to tweak full takes.