Help with automating a delay plug-in on a single instrument track please?

Hello everyone,

I need some help with a track I am producing please.

I have all the sounds in place that I wish to use, and I am at the gain staging point of the mix. But I have decided that it would be nice to have some effects running on specific sounds at various points of the song, both reverb and delay.

I have no idea how to approach this, and even after scouring YouTube, I am nowhere closer to finding a solution.

There are 3 stock delay plug-ins available in my version of Cubase (Artists 11 full), and plus several reverb, and I would like for one of each to come in at the end of certain phrases on various instrument tracks or even a drum sound. this would perform an echo or even a ping pong effect which would appear and then gradually fade away.

I know that you can write automation by tweaking any parameter of a chosen plug in whilst ‘write’ is enabled, and then a line appears under the selected track allowing you to make further manual adjustments.

But the problem is, I don’t what to play with the parameter settings on the delay plug-in to bring up an automation line below a track, I just want the whole delay plug-in to somehow be adjustable taking it from an ‘off’ state to an ‘on’ state when needed. I guess I might also add a volume automation to the same delay or reverb effect to have more control over the echo volume fade out? (volume automation is easier to add I think)

If my question doesn’t fill you with confusion, could anyone give me a suitable and preferred method of achieving this outcome, even if it also involves sending to an effects bus on the mixer, a subject which I am also very inexperienced in, but I am aware that this is another way to control instances and levels of effects for each track within a song.

Thank you very much for reading,



Add FX Channel and put the Reverb as an Insert of the FX Channel. Then automate the Send Level of the source Audio/Instrument Track.


Create FX tracks and place your plugin in an insert slot on that track. On your source tracks, use sends to send signal to the FX track. You can now automate either the send level or the send on/off on the source track.
There should be plenty of YouTube videos showing how it’s done if you get stuck.


Simultaneous answers, no latency :laughing:


Hi Guys,

Thank you all three for your timely response, I really appreciate it as it means I can crack on with my project without delay (no pun intended).

I had a feeling it had to do with extra channels, sends and buses, but my knowledge on the subject is scatty at best at the moment. I guess it’s time to learn some more, and I think I’ll go straight to YouTube!!

Thanks very much once again,

Cliff. :slight_smile: