Help with Automation of FX Channels

Hi all,
My issue that on some songs, I’m able to read/write automation on FX channels no problem. On others, I can’t automate the FX channel to save my life.

Am I missing a setting or something? I appreciate your help!


What is different in these songs?

Well, I use the same template for each song, so honestly I’m not sure!? I may just be missing some setting or other but it’s really odd.

In the image, you can see that I have read enabled, but there’s no ability to put automation (it’s even missing the line that’s present on every other channel).
When I enabled the Write, it’s the same: no changes I make to the fader or any inserts write to the track.


Double-check the Automation Panel, please. Make sure, the Suspend Write is not enabled for some items.

Double checked - nothing set in the automation panel. Thanks for helping,Martin!


Any kind of Lock on the track by any chance?

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That was it! For some reason it was locked. I must have locked it, but the “Lock automation” isn’t shown by default, so I never noticed it.

I’m so glad it’s solved. Thank you very much, Martin!