help with automation on C6

Hello everyone,

For a good amount of time, i used N4 at the place I work on and C4S at home. Everything worked flawlessly for me, until I updated to C6. For some odd reason, I cannot get automation to work just like on N4/C4S: for example, I set automation mode to touch, write-enable the track - on C4/N4, i just ride the faders and when I release the fader, it comes back to the volume it was before. On the other hand, on C6, If I do this on the very same touch mode, when I release the fader it stays on the same place unless there’s some automation data AFTER the place I am trying to touch-automate . So, basically, on every new track I want to automate, I have to put at least an automation point at the end of the project so it behaves the way I want. However, I think this is kinda time consuming. Anyone knows how do I make it behave just lie on C4/N4 ?

bumpty bump. anybody can help me ? tried every fill mode and got nothing. Isnt there any way to make C6 automatically write something at the end of the project when automating so touch actually works?

I don’t think Cubase ever ended its first automation pass the way Nuendo did. It always acted as “Fill to End”. (In fact, I’ve just opened C4 now, to confirm, and it does indeed behave the same as C6 on first pass).
I can’t remember now whether it was at the release of Cubase 6 or maybe it was Cubase 5, but the first pass behavior was different from previously, and there were loads of protest posts about it in the Cubase forum, to the point that Steinberg re-instated the earlier behavior.
One of those situations where it is impossible to keep everyone happy :wink:.

Oh gosh :frowning:

Well, C4S and N4 behave the same way. But damn…that a real bummer :frowning: Gotta find a workaround for this…

I’ll have to look but didn’t they sort out an option for this in the Automation Panel box?
Under the Project menu or press F6.