Help with Bach Canons

In Strasbourg in 1974 a copy of Bach’s own printed edition of BWV 988 (the so-called Goldberg Variations) was discovered. Apart from having many emendations to the Schmid 1741 first (and only) edition in provably Bach’s own hand, Bach pasted a page in the back with 14 very learned canons (no solutions of course). They are based on the first eight notes of the Aria. I am preparing an edition of BWV 988 presently, based on these sources (and in original clefs - horror!) and free from piano fingering (!!) and editorial incorrect decisions such as in the Barenreiter recent edition. I’ll be including the canons, which is not normally done. Added value in my edition.

Now, the question is this. Bach put the clefs and time signatures for some of the canons reversed at the end. What would be a good way to achieve this in Dorico?

For anybody having any further interest in this the facsimile is at IMSLP:,_BWV_1087_(Bach,_Johann_Sebastian)

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I guess you have to use text glyphs:

fClefReversed (U+E076)
cClefReversed (U+E075)
accidentalSharpReversed (U+E481)
timeSig2Reversed (U+ECF2)
timeSig4Reversed (U+ECF4)

As far as I can see there’s no reversed quarter rest. So this has to be done and imported from an external program.


@Juerg_Loeffler with your Discourse avatar being the B-A-C-H cross, you are the man!

I always thought that emblem was created by Bach, but I believe I have read that it is a 19C construction. Anyway, it’s a wonderful conceit.

Apparently, Bach didn’t reverse the quarter rest in the manuscript. Maybe it would resemble a eighth rest too much?

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