Help with BCR2000


I have recently acquired a BCR-2000 and would like to start programming it to use as a hardware controller for my plugins. I had the Novation Nocturn but felt there were not enough buttons which necessitated always flipping pages making it very easy to lose track of where you’re at in terms of page number and encoder setting.

Having read the manual, plugged in the BCR-2000, I am incapable of using the learn function with Nuendo 5.5. As a matter of fact, the learn function would not work with Automap either, I would just program the encoders or buttons from the drop-down menu in automap.

I have the following questions: How does one set up Nuendo so that there is parameter feedback from the plugins? When in Mackie Hui mode, if, for example, I turn the Ratio knob on a compressor plugin, I can clearly see in Nuendo’s transport MIDI in/out meter that there is a midi signal being generated and sent out. However, when I chose the generic controller setting, no such signal is generated making it impossible to use the LEARN function as the BCR2000 is waiting for parameter feedback to know what function the selected key/encoder needs to be assigned to.

Also, is there a way or an additional program that can be used in conjunction with Nuendo to find out what CC# correspond to what function in a plugin? i.e. if I have Voxengo Gliss EQ open and I tweak the output gain knob, how do I find out what command control number is assigned to that output gain knob in order to be controlled via MIDI? I’ve read that each plugin maker uses their own values, but how do we, the users, find out what those values are so we can program our controllers?

I think the easiest solution would be to use the LEARN function to assign encoders/keys but I’d be more than happy to program the values individually. Problem is knowing what those values are.

Hope someone can help, I’d be happy to share the presets I end up creating.