help with Campania


I’ve trying to get the Campania font to work in order te enter Roman numeral analysis.
I downloaded the font from followed all the instructions from the Discover Dorico June 26th video. But somehow I can’t get the font to transform into the nice roman numerals.

Am I using the right font? I can make the font bigger, smaller, italic etc. What am I doing wrong?
Hope someone can help me out!


Campania works OK for me.
In what context are you using the font: lyrics, text objects or playing techniques?

Maybe we could help if you attached a small example project where Campania does not work for you.

I’m using Campania in exactly the same way as show in the video here: (from about 24 minutes)
So I’m using it as “lyrics translation”. I can use any font, and it changes in the score, like arial, times etc also to Campania.

I have the feeling it’s a problem with the font, especially because on the GitHub site next to the font is written: “Update to 2.006: support for standalone inversions (no Roman numeral)”. Or is this the one I need?

Have you tried Campania in another program like Word or Powerpoint, etc.? That’s what I first used to test it out – to make sure I installed it correctly. I was just using it a few minutes ago in Dorico and it’s pretty fantastic.

[edit to add:] My version is 2.005

Indeed it gives the same result in other programs. (see screenshot)

I guess I need to find version 2.005?

found it:
and it works!!!
thanks all