Hi All

I have a question and Im afraid i probably know the answer to this and i wont like it

I have a DVD of 20 live songs mixed to the mastering point. Normally Id take it and get it done at a Metropolis because they do a brilliant job every time. But Im out on tour and can’t do this and i need to finish this project while I’m out on the road. So I’ve taken the songs and laid them out in 1 project and set up a mastering chain that works really well on all of the songs. In about half of the songs the mastering chain, while making it sound great overall, has affected some balances in a minor way - but enough for me to want to go back and fix them.

So id like to save the mastering chain as a channel preset like you can with an audio channel. Is this possible. I may be missing something but it isnt obvious like the audio channel option. if not why i wonder. output and group presets can be just as useful as channel ones

Thanks in advance


Try a right click on the mixer and save all mixer channels (or whatever it’s called?)

I’m probably missing something as I don’t use channel presets, but why not save the whole session as a template?

the right click would make perfect sense and you would expect to see a ’ save channel perest" option but alas not- only on audio channels - makes no sense at all. you can have channel preset on a channel but not on a bus?!?!! nots

and the tmeplate idea wont work sadly because the mixes exist in their own projects - i need to bring 7 plugs with specific settings into 20 different mixes which obviously i can do manually but what a pain - especially when its so easy on channels … thanks for the suggestions

i guess its just something steinberg missed … :frowning:

why don`t you save each one as a seperate project . cpr file

what im trying to do is go back into each individual project ( each song was a separate project originally) and import my mastering chain which i now know works well on all the songs because ive listened to all the mixes thru on them in the ‘mastering project’ and mix thru the chain in each separate one. just to tweak a few of the mastering anomalies out ( stuff like reverb tails being a little too sucked up in the quieter passages etc) the only way i can see of doing that at the moment is to go thru each project(20 of them ) and add 7 processors on the output channel and then recall the appropriate user pre set on each one of those processors … very dull and time consuming

Why should this be the case when i can so easily go to a project, make a new audio channel and then recall my vocal chain of 5 units with all their settings there with 3 mouse clicks …

You can save the master channel, exactly the same as any other channel strip. Just right click the strip and save channel setting. I do this all the time.

ssssssheeeeesh! cant believe it - thought there had to be a way but i was trying in the inspector and the arrange window - never thought to try it in the mixer !!! thanks so much youve saved me from a mind numbing couple of hours that i couldnt spare !!!

Kind of what I said in the first reply?