Help with code

License Activation

The activation code has been used already .The activation code can be used only once to download or
upgrade a license -

i have the eLicenser and the cubase pro code .

what do i do now


In case of Cubase Pro, the license sits on the USB-eLicenser. You don’t need to activate it again. Just plug the USB-eLicenser in and you are ready to go.

What you are trying to do? Using an upgrade code? Simply reinstalling Cubase again?

i bought a new computer so lost all my programs . all i have is a license redemption card which seems to be out of date and a USB-eLicenser .

If you have an USB Elicenser (and the license was activated there in the past) there is everything you need.

Install your software (Including elicenser software), plug your USB key and you are done.

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