Help with complex MIDI mapping for a drum kit build from scratch

Hello all,

I’m looking into building my own MIDI / VST drum kit from the bottom up. I’ve actually already recorded/sampled my own drum at a studio.

Upon adding the WAVs to Groove Agent 5 SE, I notice some stumbling blocks:

Firstly, I want to be able to have ‘round robin’ and ‘velocity’ at the same time. For instance for my normal snare hits, I want to there to be 3/4 different types of soft hits, 3/4 medium hits and 3/4 hard hits. I don’t want it to just be a linear curve going harder and harder. Is this option available on Groove Agent 5 (FULL version?). My first workaround thought was seperate different notes for different types of hits, so soft snare hits be on D1, medium D#1 etc. but then I’d have to workout a way of playing the same note but adjusting it somehow based on velocity.

Next, hi hats… how the hell do I map the MIDI so that when my foot/hi hat pedal is open, my hi hat pad triggers say… note A#4 which would be open, but when my foot/hi hat pedal is closed, the same pad triggers a different note, say… C4, which would be closed. Also I’d want at least 4/5 options in between this; fully closed, kinda closed, half open, almost fully open, fully open… so on.

If none of this is possible in the full or SE version of Groove Agent, does anyone know the best drum sampler out there for this scenario? There’s surely got to be a way of doing all of this!

Thank for any help in advance!