Help with crashes

Hi there I am on the very latest Wavelab version installed yesterday (11.2). Whenever I open a previously saved Master Section chain, I get a crash. I narrowed it down to Kush plugins not getting picked up by Wavelab (but available in Logic Pro x)… I have deleted the Cache folder contents and the Global.dat but every chain saved now crashes except for a new one I made.

I can supply the crash report

Wavelab (12.7 KB)

I am still on Monterey on M1 Studio…thanks for any help guys

If your presets contain a plugin that causes a crash, I am afraid there is no way to open them.

What if the likely buggy plugin (Kush) is removed from the VST2 or VST3 plugin folder (whichever is being used) so that WaveLab simply can’t access and try to load the buggy plugin?

Would that bring up a prompt to say that the plugin is missing but load the rest?

I don’t use Master Section presets ever (too many pitfalls like this and more) so I am not sure what happens in these cases when it comes to the Master Section, but I believe this works for plugins inserted in the Audio Montage as a worst case scenario.

Hi Justin & PG

Thanks for the info. I believe it’s Kush Clariphonic that is causing it together with UBK1 which seem to not be picked up by Wavelab after rescan. Like I said Logic and Reaper see them.
Is there an app that allows me to see the contents of a .dat file in a clear way? I am ok to look at my chains and recreate them manually this time as clips chains (as Justin taught)

I will try and figure it out…


Did you try manually removing the Kush plugins from your VST2 or VST3 (whichever versions you are using) folder?

It’s possibly that by manually deleting them from the folder(s), WaveLab will simply warn you that the plugins are missing and then load the rest of the preset chain which you can than save again and get out of this situation and move forward without losing the rest of your plugin chain settings.

I’m going to try that next and see, let you know thanks Justin :+1: