Help with creating a "Glue Note Overlaps" function in Cubase 13 Pro

Hi folks
It’s something I find I’m having to do an awful lot of these days - glueing overlapping notes of the same pitch - that is, making one note rather than having the two overlapping.
I’m sure it must be possible using the Logical Editor but I haven’t got a clue as to how to go about setting this up as a function.
Can anybody help me out. I’d be ever so grateful…

Hi, @hywel

I don’t see anything related to overlapped MIDI events, either in the Logical Editor or in the project Logical one, sadly : another missing feature that make both of them rather limited. From which, I would use a macro such as this one instead, in the Key Editor :

What are interesting in its behavior :

  • It doesn’t matter if the two notes overlap or not : the macro works in both case.
  • We don’t have to select two MIDI notes : it will automatically glue the selected note to the one that follows immediatly in the same pitch.
  • If two notes overlap, the glued result acquires the velocity of the first previously existing note, considering the position.
  • The fact that two selected notes aren’t contiguous (another note separates them) won’t prevent the macro to act. Could be useful in seldom cases.
  • If two selected notes don’t have the same pitch, nothing will happen.

Overall, such a macro could be useful, I guess. I’m going to keep it on my end, just in case…

Does Delete Doubles work in your case?

Thanks for replying - I’ll give it a go.

Not sure, I think I might have investigated this as a solution previously but I’ll revisit it…

This does exactly what I need it to do - brilliant. Thank you so much for showing me the way.

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