HELP with creation of a Master Orchestral Template


I give up. No way to understand the relationship between Playback Templates+Endpoitns+Expression Maps+Project Template…!

I wonder if someone has a step by step guide to configure a personal orchestral template that retrieves the following:

  • VST instrument and patch associated to a player
  • Expression Map that is always associated to that instrument
  • Playback template that retrieves all of the above.
  • Project Templates that retrieves all of the above.

I can assign VST’s to players. No problem there.

I have trouble retrieving the patch that was saved along with the endpoint. When retrieving the endpoint, the patch is gone. (where is stored the selected patch? into the endpoint?)
I have trouble retrieving expression maps: I create a custom expression map, i.e, assigning Volume Dynamic to cc7, hit Ok, then go to the endpoint and save it. But next time I open it, the expression map and selected patch are gone… (where are the expression maps stored? into the playback template? into the endpoint? into the Library?

And, where are stored the endpoints? in the Playback Template? into the project? into the Library?

Sorry, I’m really confused -


In my case, I think of these as nesting dolls.

  • Expression Maps are created and saved as individual maps.
  • Patches, their channel assignments and the loaded expression maps are saved as endpoints.
  • The endpoints have to be manually assigned in a Playback Template and it has to be created on its own in a separate step.

This can be either very cumbersome or super flexible, depending on who you ask.

I made small Dorico files specifically to create endpoints by instrument type (e.g. all Flutes, etc). Then I created a Playback Template and populated it with my newly created endpoints. This gives me a “global” system that I can apply to any given Dorico project.

The other way is to do all this work in the middle of a normal project. The trick here is to remember to be updating and saving each of the links in the chain so that the global files will become updated and Dorico doesn’t think these modifications were meant just for that one project only.


I made small Dorico files specifically to create endpoints by instrument type (e.g. all Flutes, etc).

That’s a good idea. Make the bricks before you build the house.

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Can you give some examples of this? I think there may be issues if you’re trying to save different patches for different variants of instrument, e.g. one for A flat Clarinet and one for B flat Clarinet.

The endpoint is saved in Dorico’s user settings folder, along with default options, key commands, scripts, etc. Playback templates are just groups of Endpoints.

Have you watched John Barron’s video about making a Playback Template?

If you can’t get Endpoints and templates to do what ou want, then you might be better off making a project template document instead.

Thanks all for your useful answers.
Now I do understand better the relationship between the parts.

This are however the parts that I don’t fully understand:

Q: You mean the loaded expression map at the moment of saving right? - if I modify the expression map within a project, next time I load the project the modified EM will be the same? But if I don´t save this modified EM, next time I load the player in another project it will use the original EM, right?

Q: If I modify an endpoint, let’s say flute 1, assigning a different expression map or a modified EM, and I already created a Playback template using an endpoint for flute 1, next time I load the playback template it will retrieve the changes made to the flute 1? I mean, the playback template is linked to the last saved version of an endpoint? Or it stores the endpoint in the state that it was at the moment od building the Playback Template?

I use VSL Synchron Strings Pro as my main string endpoint.
I downloaded from VSL the expression maps for this VST.
I edit the EM to use cc7 instead of velocity for dynamics for all string sections.
I save the expression maps overwriting the VSL Expression Map.
Save the endpoints with this saved EM associated to it.
Close the project, initiate a new project - load the string sections: the cc7 modification is lost. Selected patch is lost.
I’m beginning to think that this VSL expression maps just can’t be modified. I’ll dig into this.
If I save the EM with a new name, then my modifications are retrieved next time.
Took me hours to figure this out.

I haven’t: is possible that you share a link?

It’s on the YouTube Discover Dorico channel.

And finally: the expression maps are global? I mean, are they available for all future projects?
If I create a project template (my orchestral template), it will update the changes made to the expression maps saved with the endpoints?