Help with crossfade

I am new to Nuendo5 and I noticed a new thing that wasn’t there in N4.
If I apply a crossfade between two clips (X) and then I take the two clips apart for whatever reason, I see a fade out on the first clip and a fade in on the second one. This didn’t happen with N4. I would like to turn off this function but I can’t find it anywhere.
Can someone help me please?
I an quite sure it is right in front of me :blush:

Having those fades remain there is actually really helpful when preparing a mix. I don’t think you can turn this off.

What you can do is assign a key command to “remove fades”

This bugs me too as my edits are cut to zero crossing so the fades are created by the crossfade are completely unnecessary otherwise.

Kid Dropper mentinoed the best solution I’ve found… assign a key command to “remove fades”…

Thank you for the replies.
“Remove fades” was my first solution too. The problem is that it removes all the fades in a clip. I prefer to remove the crossfade and then separate the two clips.
There must be a way to turn it off. It wasn’t there in N4. It looks more like a change in the default settings.
Why add a function like that if you can’t turn it off?

in the fade editor, you can save what you want to be the default fade in and fade out.

these 2 can both be assigned to key commands.

; and ’ are assigned to fade in and fade out on my system, you could theoretically make these remove just the fades

You can grab x-fade area and drag it to bottom to remove fades. Very quick

Hi Biss, as Rustami said or you could use the range tool to select a dedicated area and apply the
“Remove Fades” keycommand which only removes the (all) fades / Xfades that are located in the
range that you selected… can be done after or before you moved the events to another track,Tino

I meant another feature
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