Help with cubase 10 and getting mic to record

Hi all, very new to cubase and I’m having trouble with recording audio. I have Cubase LE Ai Elements 10 and running it through a Behringer U-phoria UMC404HD. So I have cubase picking up audio I can see audio activity in the transport bar but can’t hear anything, I have record enabled and monitor on, I can hear the instruments just fine but when I hit record nothing happens?

What am I missing? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

These are three different versions… :wink:

I guess the driver is up to date…!

inputs are good…

That’s good as well!

What do you expect here?
Did you record enable a track? If not, Cubase doesn’t know on which track it should record.
Did you start the recording or just armed the recording?

How are your in and outputs configured?
To acces press F4

On the track you want to record in the inspector view (on te left) which of the configured ins and out did you select?


Are you on Mac by any chance? If yes, you have to enable Mic for Cubase in the System Preferences.